Friday, February 4, 2011

Lots of Dots

The other day, a friend and business acquaintance addressed a letter to me as "Mr. Lots of Dots."  I thought it was fitting given that my professional life is all about dots, dots that we measure and dots showing where we've been.

That evening as I was reading my son his favorite story - There's a Map on My Lap* - the words took on a entirely new meaning.  Even though I've probably read the book 200 times, one particular rhyme stood out:

"Dot maps, like this one,
are covered with dots.
Some have a few dots,
but some others have lots."

Last week, our Mobile LiDAR vehicle surpassed 40,000 miles (several more miles if you include it taking a ride on a barge).  With each new mobilization as we're collecting more dots, we're also adding new dots for the places we've been.  If it wasn't for the wrap we have on the truck, I would have one of those sticker maps you see on the back of RV's because,

"You can always use maps.
They will help you in knowing
where you have been 
and just where... are going."

If you are a geospatial professional and have children (or a wife that doesn't understand what it is you really do), the book There's a Map on My Lap is a great way of explaining what you do. I've bought copies for several friends that have become new parents. Also, it makes a great read for younger students for GIS Day.


*References to: There's a Map on My Lap! By: Tish Rabe; Dr. Suess Enterprises, LP Copyright 2002

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mobile LiDAR: Projects at a Glance

My second article for LiDAR News is now available.  It may be accessed through this link.  

The image in the article is shown below.  It is an intersection of SR30A in Panama City, FL - collected May 2010.  You can clearly make out the extraction of pavement markings, sidewalks, utilities, pavement edges and other features.

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