Friday, May 6, 2011

ASPRS - Mobile Mapping Committee

The ASPRS Mobile Mapping committee meeting took place on May 2nd at ASPRS's Annual Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Dr. Craig Glennie from the University of Houston, Texas is the new Chair and  Dr. Srini Dharmapuri, LiDAR Scientist at Baker is the Vice Chair.
The meeting began with a discussion of the some of the significant activities in the mobile mapping community over the last year, including:
  • The release of mobile laser scanning specifications by Caltrans
  • The currently pending TRB contract to develop guidelines for mobile LiDAR in transportation applications
  • The formation of the GTMA (Geospatial Transportation Mapping Association)
After this brief summary, it was decided that the committee should concentrate on the formation of a best practices and guidelines document, with the goal of having an initial draft prepared for ASPRS 2012.  To this end, a proposed framework for this document was presented (and given in the attached word file). 

The Mobile Mapping committee is looking for volunteers to assemble “best practices document” and interested parties may get in touch with Dr. Craig Glennie and Dr.Srini Dharmapuri. 

Good luck to Craig and Srini as they lead the endeavor to establish standards and best practices for the Mobile Mapping industry.

Click to download the Mobile Mapping Committee Presentation.