Friday, March 22, 2019

National Surveyors Week

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the many contributions that Surveyors have made in shaping the very fabric of this nation.  From documenting land boundaries and subdividing land, to establishing the control monuments and measurements used to build our nation's infrastructure, Surveyors play a vital role in many unseen aspects of our life. 

As a Professional Surveyor, I have a deep respect for the history of my Profession and the individuals who came before me - including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and many of this country's founding fathers.  It is because of this pride and love of Profession that we say that there are 3 Surveyors and some other guy on Mount Rushmore.  

Below is a proclamation from the State of Alabama recognizing Surveyors this week, one of many states and counties providing similar proclamation across the country this week.

Happy Surveyors Week!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Happy National Pi Day!

Pi (π) - the irrational infinite number that describes the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference. It is arguably the most recognized symbol in mathematics. Our LiDAR Team uses Pi for everything from common daily calculations to determine wheel circumference to properly calibrate and fit Distance Measuring Units (DMI), to make sense and order patterns found within the point clouds we collect. 

Most commonly, we use Pi hundreds of time each day to determine the circle that best reflects the circumference of a utility pole. Pi allows us to define the single most important geometric property of a pole’s load-bearing capacity. 

Happy National Pi Day from the Mobile LiDAR Team at Michael Baker International!

- Sandor Laszlo, P.E.

Monday, March 4, 2019

WVU's Next Generation of GIS Professionals visit Michael Baker

Once again we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit with the next generation of GIS Professionals from West Virginia University's (WVU) GIS Applications class.  The annual event was held at our Moon Township, PA office and afforded Dr. Harris' budding professionals the opportunity to see real world applications of geospatial technologies and tour our innovative Mobile LiDAR/Pavement Inventory collection vehicle.

Now into its second decade, the annual event was hosted by the LiDAR Team's Andy Hughes (LiDAR Processing Supervisor), who was joined by various Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) leads within the operation, and a special address from HQ Regional Director Dan Cessna.

Rounding out the event, the students were joined by Jacob Thiel (LiDAR Processing Supervisor and two members of our LiDAR Team (Erica Belloma and Hunter White), who joined Michael Baker's LiDAR Team after participating in this same event as WVU student, for a Q&A session to learn about their experiences transitioning from college graduation to working at Michael Baker. 

We can't wait to see how these amazing students change the face of the geospatial sciences..and if we're lucky, have them join the Michael Baker team!

Looking forward to next year’s visit!

Budding GIS Professionals from Dr. Harris' GIS Applications class at WVU joined members of our LiDAR Team to tour our Moon Township, PA office and meet our LiDAR and Geospatial Professionals.